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Turkey is well-known for its long history, customs, and remarkable legacy. It has become a popular location for international visitors as well as a favorite of Jamaicans.

Turkey now provides computerized visa processing methods, allowing Jamaicans to receive a visa to visit the nation in a couple of hours.

In this post, GIS will present all of the important information on the Turkey visa requirements for Jamaica, as well as how to simply apply for one.

1. Check Turkey e-Visa requirements for Jamaica citizens

Because Jamaica is not on the list of exempt countries for Turkey visas, Jamaicans must get a Turkey visa.

All Jamaican residents who intend to visit Turkey for a short length of time can apply for a Turkish visa online.

What is Turkey e-Visa?

The Turkey e-Visa, often known as an electronic visa, is a type of electronic travel permission introduced by the Turkish government in 2013.

Applicants can enter Turkey as a tourist for a short vacation by utilizing a Turkey visit e-Visa. Turkish e-Visa holders can visit Turkey as a tourist or for business/trade purposes.

This means you can attend seminars, exhibitions, cultural activities, athletic events, visit friends or family, and travel to tourist destinations in Turkey.

Type of Turkish visa for Jamaica citizens

The e-Tourist Visa is the type of Turkey e-Visa for Jamaica. It is valid for 180 days from the date of arrival and allows Jamaicans to stay in the country for up to 90 days with multiple entries. This visa is only valid for tourist and business reasons.

Check Turkey e-Visa requirements for Jamaica citizens

2. How to apply for a Turkey Visa for Jamaica citizens?

The visa application form for Turkey is simple. Jamaica citizens may apply for a Turkey visa from anywhere in the world as long as you have a device with an internet connection.

Follow the course of application in step 04 below:

  • Step 1: Fill out an online application for Turkey form. This form requests visa information (number of visas, kind of visa, processing time) as well as personal information (full name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, date of arrival/departure).
  • Step 2: Pay the visa application cost online. To pay for the visa processing fee, you have two options: electronic transactions (Visa, Master Card, PayPal, or American Express) or wire transfer (HSBC transaction).
  • Step 3: Request your Turkey visa by email.
  • Step 4: You will be awarded a visa and your passport will be stamped.

When you receive your e visa, print a copy and bring it with you when you go to Turkey. In some situations, immigration agents may ask you to show it to them when you arrive in Turkey.

Alternatively, you can apply for a standard visa at the Turkish Embassy in Jamaica.

Tracking Turkey visa status

Passport holders from Jamaica can verify their visa status using the "Check status" tool. This is a service available only to GIS clients.

You may check the status of your visa at any time. Fill up the blanks with the necessary information. Your visa status will be forwarded to you within 30 minutes.

How to apply for a Turkey Visa for Jamaica citizens?

3. Documents required for Turkey visa for Jamaica

Jamaica passport holders will require the following papers to apply for a tourist visa to Turkey:

  • A current passport. Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of arrival into Turkey, and it must have at least two unused pages for verification stamps.
  • To get a Turkey e-visa, you must have a valid email address.

Jamaica citizens may be required some following documents in special circumstances:

  • Documentation Supporting Validation (Valid visa OR valid residence permit from one of the Schengen Countries, USA, UK or Ireland).
  • Proof of confirmed hotel arrangements as well as a return airline ticket are required.
  • Proof of your financial position, demonstrating that you can support yourself financially for at least $50 every day of your stay.

4. Turkey visa fee for Jamaica citizens

The Turkey visa price for Jamaica passport holders is determined by the visa service used.

The service charge is defined as the cost you pay to GIS for advice, assistance in filling out forms, and other procedures until your visa is accepted.

The government fee is the sum you must pay to the Turkish government in order to apply for an online visa.

Processing time to apply

GIS Turkey visa service provides 03 product bundles with 03 degrees of visa processing time. Specifically:

  • Normal service: This is the most often used service pack. Customers will obtain their visas within 03 working days.
  • Urgent visa: Customers will obtain their e-visa to Turkey within 24 hours if they request it.
  • Super urgent visa: Customers will obtain their visa in as little as 05 business hours if they choose the Super Urgent visa service.

Of course, the higher the priority of the service package, the more money you must spend.

Should I buy Travel Insurance for Turkey?

Travelers to Turkey must have travel insurance, according to Turkish visa rules. Travel insurance can protect you from little to major disasters that may occur during your vacation, offering financial stability and making the whole experience more pleasurable.

Hope the preceding essay has provided you with a better grasp of the Turkey visa requirements for Jamaicans. If you have any more questions or concerns about this issue, please contact our support staff. We - Turkey Immigration Service - provide you with entirely free and continuous service 24/7.