Turkey e-Visa for Bahrain residents - Requirements and Fees

If you are a Bahrain citizen and planning to travel to Turkey, you must consider your Turkey visa for Bahraini citizens.

And the first thing you need to do is check Turkey visa requirements for Bahrain citizens and ways to get a Turkey visit e-Visa for the trip. If you don’t know what you need to prepare to obtain a visa to Turkey, this article is suitable for you!

GIS Turkey visa service offers you the ease of applying for this online visa from the comfort of your home without having to go to an embassy. Let's discover!

1. Check Turkey visa requirements for Bahrain residents

Bahrain is not in the exempt country list for Turkey visa, so citizens of Bahrain need a Turkey visa to enter.

Turkey tourist visa for Bahrain citizens allows the holders to stay in Turkey up to 90 days with multiple entries into the country.

When applying for a Turkey online e visa, the applicant is not necessary to be present, since all operations are carried out online.

What is the Turkey visa for Bahrain citizens?

The Turkey visa online, which is called Turkish e-Visa, is an authorization for international tourists to enter the country.

The Turkey online visa has a validity of 180 days from the arrival date, allowing residents of over 90 countries to apply for this e-Visa. And Bahrain is one of the countries that are eligible for a Turkish e visa.

Check Turkey visa requirements for Bahrain residents

How long can Bahraini citizens stay on Turkey tourist Visa?

Bahraini citizen's departure date must be within 90 days of arrival. The Bahrain citizens need to apply by the traditional way in cases:

  • If the Bahraini citizens intend to stay for a longer duration 90 days.
  • If you need to study or work in Turkey

So, Bahrains must apply for a regular/traditional/sticker visa at your closest Turkey embassy in Bahrain.

2. How to apply Turkey eVisa for Bahrain citizens

The Turkey visa for Bahraini citizens comprises an online application form that can be completed in a few minutes. Bahraini citizens can apply for a Turkish e visa easily from Bahrain or anywhere with an internet-connected device.

Step by step to apply the Turkey tourist visa

Follow these 4 steps to complete your online application:

  • Step 1: Apply Turkey visit visa in an online form. Fill in the online form on our website at “Apply visa” and fill exactly the visa details and personal information .
  • Step 2: Make the Payment the visa fee online by credit card or debit card, PayPal or bank transfer (HSBC transaction).
  • Step 3: Get your approval visa to enter Turkey. You should print out your online visa and take it with you when you travel to Turkey.

If you want to check the visa status, you can use the tracking Turkey visa status function, which is provided by GIS. You just need to fill in the required information, your visa status will be sent to you via email in 30 minutes.

  • Step 4: Receive visa stamped into your passport.

The application for a Turkey e-Visa from Bahrain can start once applicants have met all the necessary requirements indicated above.

Once the e visa is sent via email, you should print a copy and bring it with you when traveling to Turkey. In some cases, the immigration officers may request you to present it upon your arrival in Turkey.

How to apply Turkey eVisa for Bahrain citizens

Point to remember

  • This official form is solely for Bahrain residents applying for a Turkey e-Visa. All that is required of you, according to the form, is your personal information, travel information, passport information, and the sort of visa you are asking for.
  • Please select the processing time that best suits your needs when submitting your visa application.

3. Turkey tourist visa requirements for Bahraini citizens

The Turkish government imposes a few Turkey e-Visa document requirements for Bahraini residents. These requirements include:

  • A Bahraini passport is valid for at least 06 months from the date of arrival in Turkey, with a minimum of 02 blank pages for entry/exit stamps.
  • An email address to receive the approved Turkey visa
  • A valid debit or credit card to pay the Turkey visa fees from Bahrain

If the passport is about to expire, citizens from Bahrain must obtain a new passport before applying.

* Note:

  • The Turkey eVisa application form is electronically linked to the passport number. If the information does not match, the eVisa request will be refused.
  • Any Bahraini applicant who is a dual national must travel to Turkey on the same document that was used for the eVisa application.

4. Turkey visa fee for Bahraini citizens and Processing time

Cost of Turkey e-Visa

Turkish visa fee include 2 kinds of fee:

  • Visa service fee: This is the amount you have to pay in advance for Turkey visa service.
  • Government fee: This is the amount that the applicant has to pay for the Turkey Immigration Department to process e-Visa.

In addition, Bahrain passport holders can pay a small fee to buy travel insurance. This insurance not only protects the benefits of Bahraini nationals while traveling to Turkey but also increases the chances of visa approval.

Processing time

As noted above, Turkish visa price depends on the speed of visa processing time service which you choose. At GIS, all services are quick, but if you need the shortest time to get the approval visa, you can choose the rush visa service.

There are 03 types of visa services you can choose from:

  • Normal service: You just need to wait for 03 business days to get the approval e-visa
  • Urgent visa service: You can obtain your e visa within 24 hours.
  • Super urgent visa service: You have to pay a higher fee for this type of service, and can expect to get the approval e-visa in as soon as 05 business hours.

GIS - Turkey e-visa service - has a team of experts ready to answer any questions you may have 24/7. You just need to contact our customer service and you will be able to solve all your doubts.

We also have frequently asked questions on our website to help you more about Turkey Immigration topic.