Turkey Visa For Egyptian Citizens - Fees Visa Dec 2023

Turkey is a country rich in culture, architecture, delicious delicacies, and beautiful landscapes, and is a shopper’s delight. Did you know that the city of Istanbul covers two continents? The city of Istanbul is located on Bosphorus which is a strait of water that divides Asia and Europe. You will have a difficult time picking a place to visit as there are plenty of amazing places to visit.

If Egyptian citizens plan to visit Turkey, do not miss this article. Turkey Immigration Services provides you with the Turkey visa requirement for Egyptian citizens and the latest updates for documents required, processing time, and cost.

1. Turkey visa requirements for Egyptian citizens

Egypt is not on the exempt country list for a Turkey visa, so a Turkey visa is required.

What type of Turkey visa is eligible for Egyptian citizens?

As a traveler from Egypt to Turkey, you are eligible for a single-entry visa with a maximum stay of 30 days. The passport within a 180-day validity period from the date Egyptian nationals enter the country.

Thirty days should be for a vacation or a fast tour of the nation. Egyptian residents can apply for an e-visa instead of visiting the embassy and going through the time-consuming procedure of processing a standard visa.

What is a Turkish electronic visa?

The Turkey online visa was established in 2013 to eliminate the complicated procedures of applying for a visa at the Turkey Embassy or Consulate.

To enter the nation, eligible citizens must fill out the Turkey online e-Visa application form. This takes only a few minutes and eliminates the need to visit a diplomatic mission. For citizens going to Turkey for vacation or business, an e-visa is available.

Travelers wishing to visit Turkey for other reasons, such as employment or study, should apply at a Turkish embassy or consulate.

What is a Turkish electronic visa?

2. How to apply Turkey e-Visa for Egyptian citizens

Now that you have prepared all the necessary documents, you can start applying online. The application process for a Turkish visa is very straightforward and quick:

Step by step to apply for a Turkish visa from Egypt

It is really easy to understand and complete the Turkey visa application form. Only in 04 simple steps for your convenience.

  • Step 1: Fill out the online Turkey e-Visa application. In just a few minutes, you can fill out a Turkey visa application exclusively online by providing personal information such as full name, nationality, and date of birth, as well as passport data.

Before entering the next step, double-check that all of the information you provided is correct to avoid needless delays in processing and approval.

  • Step 2: Make an online payment for the Turkey e-Visa. You must also confirm your payment method for the visa processing cost before submitting the Turkey e-Visa application form. To securely pay the cost and submit the request for approval, you must use a current and valid debit or credit card.
  • Step 3: Get your Turkey online visa. The Turkey approval visa will be sent via email. You can also track visa status at the function “Check status” on the GIS website.
  • Step 4: Get your visa stamped into your passport on arrival.

Documents requirements for Turkey visit visa for Egyptian residents

Egyptian citizens can apply for Turkey e-Visa if they meet the conditions listed below:

  • Traveling for the purposes of tourism or business.
  • A valid email address to receive the approval of e visa application.
  • A valid Credit Card, or Debit Card to pay for the e visa fee.
  • For Egyptian travelers below 20 years old or over 45 years old, they need to have a passport that is valid for at least 06 months from the arrival date in Turkey, with at least 02 blank pages for entry/exit stamps.

Egyptian nationals between the ages 20 and 45 years old need to prepare some additional documents:

  • An Egyptian passport that has a validity of at least 06 months from the entry date in Turkey.
  • A valid Supporting Document (Valid visa OR valid residence permit from one of the Schengen Countries, USA, UK or Ireland). Note that E-visas are not accepted as supporting documents.
  • A return ticket, hotel reservation and at least $50 per each day of your stay.
  • A round-trip ticket with Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Onur Air, Atlasglobal Airlines or Egypt Air.

Turkey e-Visa fee for Egyptian citizens

3. Turkey e-Visa fee for Egyptian citizens

The cost of a Turkey tourist visa includes 02 type of fee:

  • The government charge for applying for a Turkey e-Visa online varies based on nationality.
  • There is also a service charge, which covers the cost of processing the application as well as any additional information and support needed in completing the online visa form for Turkey.

As for the service fee, depending on the service package you choose, the price will change. Currently, our Turkey visa service provides 3 different service packages, depending on 03 different processing time:

  • Normal processing: Get an approval visa within 03 working days.
  • Urgent visa processing: Receive an e-visa within 24 hours.
  • Supper urgent processing: You need to pay a higher fee to get your visa in as soon as 05 business hours.

Besides, you can consider adding a Turkey travel insurance package. With only a small fee, you can feel more secure for your trip as well as medical benefits if unexpected incidents occur.

4. Turkey visa for Egyptian citizens FAQs

A few questions related to the Turkey visa requirement for Egyptian citizens topic that may interest you.

Do I need a Turkey transit visa if I transit through Turkey?

You are required to have a Turkish visa ONLY if you wish to leave the airport while in Turkey.

What happens if I make a mistake with my information in the Turkey visa form?

Before completing the online form, applicants should review all of the information they supplied during the application process

If you entered your data incorrectly, please contact our customer service specialists as soon as possible so that they can assist you with the problem.

Note that. Your eVisa is connected to the number in your passport. If we have already submitted your application, you can not make any changes. You need to complete and submit a new Turkey visa application form.

Who can apply for a Turkey e-Visa?

Citizens of eligible countries traveling for tourism, business, or to transit through Turkey can apply for the Turkey e-Visa. Use the Turkey visa check requirement to find out which nationalities are eligible.

What are the restrictions of Turkey's Online e-visa?

The Turkey e-Visa allows for a brief stay in the nation for vacation or business.

Travelers should apply for a travel document from a Turkish Embassy or Consulate in their place of residency for other objectives, such as employment or study.

5. Why should I choose Turkey visa services at GIS?

All passport holders who want to go to Turkey with a Turkish visa can use our Turkey visa services to get the necessary authorization and enter the country. It allows the professionals to manage your Turkish visa while you rest and plan your trip thoughtfully.

We can ensure a stress-free, high-quality visa-handling service. To travel to Turkey, you must first fill out an application form, which takes some minutes. You won't even have to leave the house! Any functional gadget with a reliable internet connection would suffice.

Hope this article gives you useful information about Turkey's visa requirements for Egyptian citizens. Let's contact us if you need to book a Turkey e-Visa or maybe any other inquiries.