Turkey Visa For Afghanistan Citizens - Visa Fees Apr 2024

Turkey is one of the world's most visited nations, with over 50 million people arriving each year. This lovely nation, with its seven distinct regions and kind people, attracts a large number of visitors each year. The Turkish visa system is quite perplexing to those who first encounter it.

This article, GIS will bring you information about Turkey visa requirements for Afghan citizens. Let’s discover!

1. Check Turkey visa requirements for Afghan citizens.

Afghanistan is not on the exempt country list for a Turkey visa, so Afghans need a Turkey visa to enter the country. Nowadays, Afghan citizens don't need to waste time queuing for a visa at the embassy, ​​instead, they can apply for an electronic system visa, known as Turkey e-Visa.

What is a Turkey e-visa application?

The Turkey E-visa system went into effect in 2013. Applications can be submitted online in a variety of languages.

Citizens of non-exempt countries can pay their visa costs with payment instruments such as visa or Mastercard throughout the application process.

People entered the nation via the Turkey E-visa application for tourism or business purposes.

They must acquire a residence or work permit from the appropriate authorities situated nearest to them when they intend to stay here for objectives such as a job or school, regardless of the validity length of their visa.

Type of Turkey e-visa for Afghan citizens

E-Visa to Turkey for Afghan citizens allows a single entry with 30 days of stay in Turkey. The validity of a Turkish e visa for Afghans is 180 days from the day Afghan nationals arrive in the country.

The e-Visa application is as straightforward as you can imagine. The application process can be completed in a few minutes and may be done entirely from home.

Turkey e-visa issued to Afghanistan is for tourist and business purposes. If you want to come to Turkey for other purposes (study, work,...) or want to stay longer, please contact the Turkey embassy in Afghanistan or overseas to apply for the traditional visa.

Type of Turkey e-visa for Afghan citizens:

2. How to apply for the Turkey e-visa from Afghanistan?

When applying for a Turkish e-Visa, you must ensure that you have all of the necessary documentation in order for your application to be granted.

Documents required for Turkey visa application

The following are the major visa requirements:

  • A current passport (for at least six months ahead of the intended trip), with at least 02 blank pages for verification stamps.
  • A valid e-mail address (to receive the PDF version of your e-visa permit)

To travel to Turkey using an e-Visa, Afghans must additionally bring the following documents:

  • A valid visa or a residency permit from one of the following countries: the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, or one of the Schengen Area nations.
  • A round-trip ticket.
  • Hotel reservation confirmation.
  • Proof of adequate finances ($50 each day of stay).

Step by step to apply Turkey tourist visa

  • Step 1: Fill out the safe online application form. In this phase, you must input visa details and the applicants' complete personal information.
  • Step 2: Please double-check your information to ensure that it is complete and right. Then, for our visa service charge, select a payment option and complete the secure checkout form.
  • Step 3: Obtain your e-Visa and instructions for having your visa stamped. After completing step 2, please check your email for your confirmed details, and we will notify you when your Turkey e-Visa will be ready.
  • Step 4: On arrival, have your visa stamped in your passport. We recommend you print the Turkey eVisa that we sent you through email. When you arrive in Turkey with a valid e-Visa, the Immigration Officers at the airport may ask you to present it and have a stamp inserted inside your passport.

Step by step to apply Turkey tourist visa

3. Processing time and fee of Turkey visa:

Turkish tourist visa costs include 02 kinds of fees:

  • The Government fee: is mandatory for Afghan citizens since Afghanistan is not on the exemption list for a Turkey e visa.
  • Service fee: This is the cost paid in advance for service during Turkey e-visa processing.

The price of a Turkey visa has 03 different levels of visa processing time:

  • Normal service: This is the service package chosen by most customers. Customers will receive visa approval within 03 working days.
  • Urgent visa service: This product package allows you to shorten the maximum time to receive your visa, within 24 hours.
  • Supper urgent service: You need to pay a higher service fee for this type of visa service. You can receive an e-visa to Turkey as soon as 05 business hours.

4. Turkey visa requirements for Afghan citizens FAQs:

We have compiled a lot of frequently asked questions and their answers for the Turkey Visa for Afghan nationals.

How long is the tourist online visa valid for?

Once your Turkish e-Visa is granted, your visa will have a validity of 180 days after arrival.

What happens if I want to stay longer than e-Visa allows?

Overstaying a visa is an issue that needs to be addressed. You'll need to apply for a residence permit at a Turkey Embassy or leave the country and apply for another Turkey eVisa.

Can I work in Turkey with an online visa?

No. The Turkey eVisa is only valid when the purpose of travel is tourism or business meetings. Work or study in Turkey requires a regular visa issued by your local Turkish Embassy.

Do I need a Turkey e-Visa if I arrive via a cruise ship?

Afghan passport holders arriving at seaports and intending to visit the seaport city or neighboring regions for touristic purposes are free from requiring a visa as long as their stay does not exceed 72 hours.

If you enter or depart from Turkey by plane for your cruise excursion, you must get a visa.

Can Afghanistan citizens visit Turkey without a visa?

No. Afghan people are unable to visit Turkey without a visa. To enter Turkey, all Afghan passport holders must get the necessary visa.

Afghan citizens who match the e-Visa requirements can apply online for a one-month stay permit with a single entry. All other visitors must apply for a visa through the Turkish embassy in Afghanistan.

Do you need a visa to go to Turkey from Afghanistan?

Yes, Afghan citizens must obtain a visa before visiting Turkey, just like most other countries. The Republic of Turkey's Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduced the electronic visa system to speed up the visa application procedure and reduce the overflow of applications at embassies and consulates. As a result, residents of more than 40 countries—which included Afghanistan—can now apply for a Turkish eVisa for travel or business. Visas must be obtained through Turkish Embassies or Consulates if travelers from Afghanistan are coming to Turkey to work or study. 

Traveling to Turkey for Afghanistan with a passport has never been simpler due to an e-visa. The Turkey Immigration Services website makes the process of applying for a Turkey eVisa quick and easy. It entails submitting the required documentation, paying the visa fee online, completing an online application, and receiving the eVisa via email in about 03 business days. To finish the Turkey visa application, just follow to these 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Fill out the online Turkey visa application form for residents of Afghanistan, providing personal data and visa information. 
  • Step 2: Pay the visa fees and send the necessary paperwork to us.. Online payment can be made by Electronic payment methods, such as PayPal, American Express, Debit, or Credit Card
  • Step 3: Receive their Turkey e-visa by email after a few days.

Can I travel to Turkey from Afghanistan? 

Yes. Travelers from many different countries, including Afghanistan, are welcome in Turkey. Afghanistan visiting Turkey right now must apply for a visa in advance, specifically an electronic visa (eVisa). Travelers can easily apply for an eVisa online, and after it has been granted, they can look forward to exploring Turkey's beautiful landscape and historic past.

Afghanistan visiting Turkey should be aware that there are risks involved. In light of this, it is crucial for Americans visiting Turkey to be aware of certain norms and safety measures. 

  • Afghanistan traveling to Turkey should, first of all, always have an authorized form of identification with them, such as a passport or visa.
  • It's essential to stay current with local news sources in order to ensure safe and educated travel because they can offer useful information about any potential dates or regions of concern. 
  • Furthermore, it is essential to adhere to the directives and instructions given by Turkish security officials. For a secure and enjoyable experience, it's important to follow their directions as they are there to safeguard the guests' health and safety.

How much is a Turkey visa from Afghanistan?

Afghanistan residents must pay two types of visa fees in order to receive a Turkish visa: a service fee and a government fee. The government charge is necessary because the United States is not on Turkey's list of countries free from visa requirements. In order for the Turkish Immigration Department to process and provide the visa, American passport holders must pay a government charge of US$85.

Based on the processing time that Afghan citizens choose for their visa application, the service cost is calculated. 

  • Standard service: This is appropriate in the majority of situations where Afghan visitors have enough time to plan and wait for the result. Within 03 business days, they should receive the visa approval via email. The regular service has a $69 service charge.
  • Urgent service: Afghan people who need their Turkey e-Visa quicker than usual can use the urgent option to get it in less than 24 hours. The additional fee for this expedited service is US$79.
  • Super Urgent service: Afghanistan citizens with valid passports have the option of using the rush visa service to get their visas in just five working days. The additional fee for this expedited service is US$99.

How long does it take to get a visa for Turkey from Afghanistan? 

Many tourists from Afghanistan are attracted to Turkey by its beautiful landscapes, historical landmarks, and cultural treasures. If you're an Afghan traveler considering a trip to Turkey, you may be asking what documentation is necessary. The good news is that you do need a visa, but the process has become much more straightforward. You can now apply for a Turkey eVisa online in just a few minutes using a computer or smartphone that can connect to the internet, rather than going to a Turkish embassy or consulate.

Afghanistan passport holders should expect a rapid processing period of 5 to 72 hours after filing their visa application with Turkey Immigration Services. In terms of processing times, Turkey Immigration Services provides three service categories for citizens of Afghanistan:

  • Standard service: American citizens can receive their Turkey eVisa within 03 business days.
  • Urgent service: With this service, visitors from Afghanistan who don't have much time to prepare for their visa application can still get their visa within 24 hours.
  • Super Urgent service: The urgent service ensures that visas are issued in only five business hours for people who require a Turkey visa urgently, offering a quick solution for those with Afghan passports.

How to apply for a Turkey visa from Afghanistan?

Turkey Immigration Services guarantees a speedy processing period of 5 to 72 hours following the submission of the visa application to help holders of Afghanistan passports acquire their Turkey eVisa. Refer to this page for information about how to apply for a Turkey visa from Afghanistan!

Does the Turkish e-Visa need to be printed?

Yes, you must bring both a printout of your eVisa and the passport associated with your application in order to go to Turkey. When traveling, we suggest printing two copies to bring with you. Contact us to get support about how to apply Turkey visa for Afghanistan and the necessary document attach. 

Hope this article will help you better understand Turkey visa requirements for Afghan citizens. If you want to book Turkey visa service or need to answer any other questions, please contact us 24/7. All free.

Turkey Visa Requirements for Afghanistan Citizens FAQs

Do you need a visa to go to Turkey from Afghanistan?

Do you need a visa to go to Turkey from Afghanistan? Do you need a visa to go to Turkey from Afghanistan?

Can I travel to Turkey from Afghanistan?

Can I travel to Turkey from Afghanistan? Can I travel to Turkey from Afghanistan?

How much is Turkey visa from Afghanistan?

How much is Turkey visa from Afghanistan? How much is Turkey visa from Afghanistan?

How long does it take to get a visa for Turkey from Afghanistan?

How long does it take to get a visa for Turkey from Afghanistan? How long does it take to get a visa for Turkey from Afghanistan?

How to apply for turkey visa from Afghanistan?

How to apply for turkey visa from Afghanistan? How to apply for turkey visa from Afghanistan?

Does Turkish e-Visa need to be printed?

Does Turkish e-Visa need to be printed? Does Turkish e-Visa need to be printed?